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3 things you will learn once you work in the escort industry

It is normal to have many misconceptions about sex workers, especially to worry that working in such an image-based industry would affect your self-esteem in time. Actually, after starting their careers as high class escorts, many women discovered a lot more than there seems to be about this field at the first sight. Let’s see how experience can speak for itself in the escort business:

  • There is a great difference between a preference and a fetish

The great majority of people tend to use the term fetish as a mental condition. Actually, having a fetish doesn’t refer to getting occasionally spanked or to experiencing some nasty sex positions. More precisely, a fetish is considered as an object or body part whose presence is psychologically required for sexual gratification. This can also refer to feeling pleasure when fantasizing about the object or the body part in question (while some need the involvement of their fetish physically in order to orgasm).

There are many cases in which having a fetish can be quite “life-ruining”, especially if they ventured into a relationship with someone who is just not up for what they’re into. Sometimes, the fetish can be too paralysed by the fear of getting rejected to bring it up to the life partner.

  • There is always more than sex about sex, even with professional escorts

Some people are tempted to believe that once you sell your body for a living, sex will become boring. Others consider escorts as those women who pretend orgasming, mainly because they had so much sex by now. All of these are only misconceptions.

Even though women who work in this field have sex daily (or even more than one or two times a day), you can be sure that they are totally involved in the sexual act and they are definitely not pretending. High-class escorts are trained to be professional and to try giving their best every time.

  • There are escorts addicted to work

Indeed, there are many women who didn’t planned becoming escorts. However, some of the best escorts alive reveal that they have always been thinking about joining the sex industry. These types of courtesans enjoy every single day at work and they consider this lifestyle the best they could have.

As many other people who are work addicts, there are escorts who just can’t get enough of going to work. Imagine that some of these women spend their time only in the company of beautiful and wealthy gentlemen who offer them the opportunity to visit the whole world and to having everything they want.

Therefore, the sex industry is more than it may seem to at the surface. Once you get to interact with it, you learn interesting things which normal people can’t imagine.

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